church to bar ratio in the lower 48, by county

Calculated the church to bar ratio by county from US Census Bureau data:

The color partitions were derived from the log-transformed ratio distribution to facilitate visual clarity.


From the 2009 County Business Patterns data published at, extracted the number of establishments in each county that have NAICS codes 813110 (places of worship including churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, etc.) and 722410 (bars, taverns, drink-serving nightclubs, etc.). For each county, divided the number of NAICS 813110 establishments by the number of NAICS 722410 establishments to get the “church to bar ratio”. Partitioned the resulting ratio distribution into nine color groups, and then plotted each county’s ratio on the map. Used the log transformed distribution when creating the partitions. Source code is attached to facilitate peer review.

Possible bias in the result

If NAICS code 813110 excludes church facilities with unpaid staff and clergy—i.e., if the Census Bureau does not to consider them “places of industry” since no one is getting paid to work there—the LDS presence in the west will be severely underrepresented. This warrants further review of NAICS measurement methodology before producing future map updates. Reader comments on the appropriateness of NAICS industry codes for this study are very welcome!  🙂

What about Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc.?

Ran out of allotted project time before figuring out how to map #49, #50, and the territories; wanted to publish the results to date. Will add these additions if requested.

Computational notes

Python code used for this analysis is attached below. Required R commands are embedded in the Python file.


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