RV hacking (part 1: bunk storage)

I live in an RV. However most RVs, including mine, are not designed for full time residence. Therefore I have to modify it to make it more livable. This turns out to be quite an engineering task, rather than a technician one, because in most cases I need to design de novo solutions.

In a series of posts I’ll document the process, starting with how I added secure storage to an unused bunk. By “secure” I mean that the nothing falls down when on the road.

Here is a photo of the empty bunk:


As you can see, there is a lot of empty space that is just waiting to be utilized.

I installed steel rails on the back wall as shown below, screwing them into the posts. The rails have an “L” shaped cross section, and holes every inch along the length. I used these holes to attach rubber cables (shown later).


With the rails in place, I could add light storage bins (the entire load is limited to 200 pounds) and secure them with rubber straps:


I tested the solution on the road, and nothing fell down.

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