RV hacking (part 3: insulation)

I live in an RV, and my goal is to move “off the grid” without a steep decline in my standard of living. This requires reduced energy consumption to be sustainable. Here I describe my effort to reduce propane usage through installation of extra insulation.

I’ve started covering the walls and ceiling with reflective insulation, which takes the form of two layers of foil with “bubble wrap” in between. The foil reflects heat, while the air pockets in the bubble wrap insulates. It does not look great, but I plan to cover it up with something more aesthetically pleasing. The procedure is a work in progress:


I’m attaching the insulation to the walls using duct tape, so that it is temporary. This holds it in place while traveling. However, duct tape for the ceiling did not hold in place while moving so I need another solution, which I have not come up with yet. (I’ll probably simply try stronger duct tape first).

Will this Work?

Theoretically, yes. My mechanical engineering training says so anyway. The method should keep warmth in in the winter and heat out in the summer. However, I can’t test it without an infrared camera, which I have no intention of buying. I might be able to look at my propane use from last winter to compare, but that is dodgy since the weather will be different this year due to El Niño.

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