RV hacking (part 4: wine storage)

I live in an RV; my goal is comfort and easy mobility. I like to have guests, and my guests typically like wine. Therefore I made the following modifications to store and display wine bottles and wine glasses in a way that survives travel and is easily accessible.

First I installed a wine glass holder. However, the glasses would smash together and possibly break if I didn’t separate them, so I invented the following solution to keep the glasses apart:


The hanging felt furniture pads protect the glasses, while the bungee cables keep them from sliding out. The whole thing is held together with spring links.

For the wine bottles themselves, I installed a wine bottle rack and strapped the bottles in place with rubber cables. Works great!


The only problem with this design is that the wine is close to the stove, and alcohol is flammable. So I move the bottles when I cook. They are mainly at that location for storage during travel.


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