on leadership: the trick to improvisation is confidence

I find there are always business lessons to be found in my “side career” as a musician. Here I present a blog post I wrote on how confidence proves critical to successful improvisation (from my blog at axisevil.com). I also explain how this matter impacts leadership in the workplace.

Leaders have to improvise all the time, just like musicians. I’ve found in both activities that it is difficult to improvise while insecure. Here I’m not referring to the “security” of knowing where you are going—no one gets that in life—I mean the security of trusting yourself to figure it out successfully as you go.

It is all about trusting yourself. That is what confidence is.

And confidence is the primary ingredient to being able to create solutions on the fly. Sure technical knowledge and experience help, but you have to decide to trust yourself every time you do it.

Anyway, here is the story that prompted this On Leadership post:  http://www.axisevil.com/2017/02/the-trick-to-improvisation-is-confidence.html

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