five business lessons from Lady Gaga

Five things Lady Gaga teaches the corporate world:

Make product execution look easy

Performance of Gaga’s caliber is extremely difficult, but she makes it look like anyone can do it.

Make teamwork look easy

“Gaga” would never exist without a legion of arrangers, marketers, business leaders, designers, etc. Getting all those folks together to create a unified product is even harder than brilliant stage performance, but they never let that difficulty show.

Build a single, unmistakable, and ubiquitous brand

Gaga’s brand is crisp and unmistakable; so much that The Simpsons recently featured her image without having to say who she was.

Make a brand out of your cult following

Gaga’s devotees have a named identity—“little monsters”—a brand in its own right. Outside of media, only Apple approaches such rapport with its fans.

Deliver nothing less than awesome

This statement requires no further exposition.

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