pyDome: a geodesic dome designer

I am pleased to announce the release of pyDome, a geodesic dome designer written in Python. The software is freely available on GitHub at User modification of the code is encouraged.

In a previous post (, I described the procedure for calculating a geodesic dome’s vertices and chords for a class one dome. pyDome implements that procedure.

pyDome produces VRML output, viewed here with FreeWRL (



It also produces DXF output, viewed here with QCAD (


In the future pyDome will output X3D format as well.

pyDome enables truncations, as shown in the images above, and produces a bill of materials for the chords of a dome:


Future versions will offer enhanced bill of materials information such as hub angles.

Descriptions of the command line arguments that control frequency, radius, and other features are available by running the program with the “–help” option:


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