pyDome updates: tangential and spoke angles

In a previous post, I introduced pyDome, a Python program for calculating geodesic dome vertices, chords, and faces. I have since added two hub angle computations to the program, and report on that progress here. Face angle calculations still need to be implemented. Angles Between Chords and the Hub Tangent Plane The angle between a […]

pyDome: a geodesic dome designer

I am pleased to announce the release of pyDome, a geodesic dome designer written in Python. The software is freely available on GitHub at User modification of the code is encouraged. In a previous post (, I described the procedure for calculating a geodesic dome’s vertices and chords for a class one dome. pyDome […]

comprehensive, anticipatory design in the age of Big Data

Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller wrote in the 1950s that a strategy of “comprehensive anticipatory design science” [1] was required to create technology and systems suitable to sustainable living and sustainable business. This post examines what Bucky meant by comprehensive anticipatory design and then explores how Big Data can play a role in its deployment. Bucky‚Äôs vision […]