industrial diversity correlates with population

It seems logical that U.S. counties having greater populations would support more diverse industry than counties having lesser population. Perhaps this has been proven already, but I recently stumbled upon my own verification of the idea: The above plot shows industry diversity (expressed in the form of Shannon entropy, discussed below) as a function of […]

industrial diversity vs percent change in unemployment rate

This analysis may exceed the bounds of my statistics knowledge, but I will deliver it anyway in the name of “process” blogging. I welcome experienced critique of the method! Result A modest positive correlation exists between a county’s industrial diversity and its percent change in unemployment rate over the period 2007-2010. Method Several months ago […]

Data scientist makes peace with web programming

True to my hacker roots, I prefer command line interfaces (CLIs) to graphical user interfaces (GUIs). That sentiment compounds when the GUI is delivered through a web browser. However, I recently—finally—accepted the fact that the web browser is the most important user interface out there, and the only user interface that most scientists will bother […]