building a web-enabled temperature logger

Not wanting to miss out on the “Internet of Things”, I decided to learn some of its foundational technology, namely microprocessor programming. Actually, I used a Raspberry Pi in this project instead of a classic microprocessor, but the idea is the same. Here I describe building a web-enabled temperature logger, complete with a web application […]

using bug tracking software to keep track of life’s tasks

I’ve tried a few mobile task tracking apps for my smart phone, but have found none as useful for keeping track of life’s responsibilities as using a web-based software bug tracking program called MantisBT. MantisBT is used by software engineers to log reported bugs, assign them to staff for correction, and record progress toward bug resolution. To […]

setting up an Amazon RDS instance on a VPC private subnet

As a scientist, I tend not to think about database security much. However, security is an important concern for the database-driven web applications I write, so I decided to learn more about how to use Amazon EC2 and RDS instances securely. As part of this effort, I created a virtual private cloud (VPC) to hide my […]

DIY mood tracker with LimeSurvey

My friend and fellow adventurer Irene Dubois—not her real name of course—recently came home from a psychiatric appointment needing a way to track her daily mood. She tested several smartphone apps designed for this purpose, but found them too inflexible. Consequently, she asked me to create a custom mood tracker for her. The design requirements […]