engineer moves into an RV

I recently moved into a travel trailer to lessen the southern California cost of living (and because I like the idea of portable structures as an answer to housing scarcity). This living arrangement sparks my engineering creativity, which is the motivation for this post. Here I discuss RV living from a mechanical and software engineer’s […]

selecting travel trailers by regression

Data Scientist has been thinking recently of moving into a used travel trailer. However, the weight of the trailer to be purchased is limited by that which our hero’s truck can pull. But most online used travel trailer listings only specify length of the vehicle, not its weight. So Data Scientist needed a quick way […]

designing a battery array to power a CPAP machine

My friend Irene Dubois enjoys camping (tent camping, not RV) but recently began using a CPAP machine while sleeping to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Failure to use this machine results in severe snoring, which would drive fellow campers crazy. The CPAP machine’s power adaptor runs off of AC power, which is usually unavailable at tent […]