100th post to badass data science

This marks the 100th post to badass data science. I’ve written about everything from Lady Gaga to computational fluid dynamics, usually with a science or data related spin. I thought I’d look at my posts analytically rather than simply reminisce. First, here is a tag cloud for the first 99 posts: From this tag cloud, […]

pyDome: a geodesic dome designer

I am pleased to announce the release of pyDome, a geodesic dome designer written in Python. The software is freely available on GitHub at https://github.com/badassdatascience/pyDome. User modification of the code is encouraged. In a previous post (http://badassdatascience.com/2012/04/15/geodesic-dome-design-part-1/), I described the procedure for calculating a geodesic dome’s vertices and chords for a class one dome. pyDome […]