Excel-like HTML table manipulation with Handsontable

I continually stress the importance of web programming skills to the data scientists’ repertoire, due to the fact that most users of data interact with it through a web browser. (See my previous post “Data Scientist Makes Peace with Web Programming”). Therefore I periodically showcase web development techniques from a data scientist’s perspective. Today I’m […]

tabular data visualization with jqGrid and jQuery

In my post Data Scientist Makes Peace with Web Programming, I argued that web programming skills belong in data scientists’ repertoire. Essentially, my thesis went that data consumers primarily use web browsers to interact with data, so data scientists should develop proficiency with the medium. With that in mind, I’ll periodically showcase core web development […]

Data scientist makes peace with web programming

True to my hacker roots, I prefer command line interfaces (CLIs) to graphical user interfaces (GUIs). That sentiment compounds when the GUI is delivered through a web browser. However, I recently—finally—accepted the fact that the web browser is the most important user interface out there, and the only user interface that most scientists will bother […]